How do I know my skimmer is working?

7 May 2007
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Cape Town

As always a stupid question. I have a berlin 50-200 (or whatever) skimmer, its somewhat older but still produces skimmate. How do I know if its skimming enough? I only have 6 fish in there but am worried that perhaps I'm under skimming?

I'll start a new thread for what to look at buying if it isnt working properly.

Mhh just replied to your buying thread.

I would say that it pulls out dark smelly skimate, but also that your nutrient levels remain zero (of course there are contributing factors not only skimming) Then it would be fair to say it does a good job.

But wait for some views from the experts
I would have to agree with Kanga, if you not having problems with elevated nutrients then the skimmer is fine. The main problem with elevated nutrients is algae.
Ok, I'll keep my eyes on the levels, its only been 2 months, 1 week so I'll keep testing and start to panic if things start climbing.

thanks guys!

I was told today that the best skimmate should be tea coloured (no milk):dft010: as long as your skimmer is pulling out the muck and that you clean the skimmer once a week to get the best from it, you should be ok, but do test for nitrates etc, and also watch how much you feed, even the best skimmers cant compensate for poor tank flow and over feeding
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