How do I catch a Sailfin?

6 May 2007
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I have a beautiful healthy fat Sailfin, but he is a bit to big and VERY aggressive towards new fish, How do I catch him ?? I don't want to get rid of him but he is getting to big, what I want to do is get a small one and then some more fish.
my way of catching out a fish.starve the fish for 2 days.then i put in food in a perspex catch box that i have place in the tank and have patients,as soon as he swims inside pull the catchbox can also use a 2litre coke bottle :)
How big is the tank and how big is the fish.. I really want one of these and a LFS has one for sale for R220 which I thought was OK but my tank is smallish 500L, do you think I should give it a miss rather in your opinion...

Ya these guys are quick but try catching gobbies in a 1500L tank:(
Mekaeel I dont really have any fish, I only have 2 green chromis and a magenta dottyback, but my future fish plans include a regal or magestic angel and a lemonpeel for the miss.. I think that is about my fill... you see Mekaeel, you say you feel like throwing it in for a cube.. ha, it is too limitating. I know I need a 2.5m fowler in the future..

Sorry, back on subject, at a LFS they have made a fantastic fish trap out of glass and a trapdoor, they have placed mirrors inside with a place for food.. it works very well on smaller fish but i dunno about a sailfin.. what have you tried cos I have been racking my brains to come up with a solution.. it must be easier at night..hmm

Tangs usually love Nori, so make a "voerplek" where it would be convenient for you to either net it, or preferably where you can install a fish trap (use a magnet and clip to hold the Nori)- then be patient for at least a week, perhaps two, while the sailfin learns to eat in this spot. Then, if you're lucky, you can catch him while he's eating.

If this does not work, you can try catching him with a fish hook - I'm serious, done it myself a few times, and the fish usually recover quickly without any permanent damage. Get the smallest trout hook you can find, then cut, grind or file the barb off, leaving only the smooth shaft of the hook. Tie the hook to some strong thread (or a trout leader), bait the hook, and just dangle it in the water. Your biggest problem will be not to catch any of the other fish in the tank, and not to strike to soon.

Enjoy the angling, but leave out the Klippies and Coke...

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