How clean is our NSW?


8 May 2007
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Point Waterfront Durban
hey there crew.look at what i saw this morning.a bulldozer digging out north beach sand to make way for black sewage water.this was in the daily news a few weeks back and there was suppose to have been an end to it,in that water was found oil,dirt and even condoms!what impact is all this having on our ecosystem?and now i can see my main reason why lots of my fish were sick even though i used to collect my water early in the morning.

and then you go and swim in it??????

p.s. when you gonna go diving for my fish :rofl:
yeah only those 2 dive in that type of water.thats where the gems are found :lol:

Haven't caught a gem this season, too fat and slow these days. I only know of a few that have been caught.

Collect your water at Park Rynie, it is always pretty and sparkly there.
Still cant collect in the ballito area, but have never had a problem in the past.
Anywhere along the coastline, just not at the moment as beaches are still closed because of ecoli [sp] readings.
ok guys explain this to the jo'burg oke. You collect the sea water then dump in the tank or do you collect then skim and send through carbon and other such good things?
LOL, collect and dump with in an hour of collecting to avoid die off.
Mekaeel is that a sewerage line that runs under the pier that has ruptured ?

Where did they find the oil etc. By the time sewerage is pumped out to sea it is supposed to be 95% treated.
I'd like to know more about this, Seems as if Mike Sutcliff would rather spend the money on changing street names then trying to avoid and ecological disaster.
ok guys explain this to the jo'burg oke.

Thanks for asking that one, never had enough guts,

But now my question, how clean is the water that you get and doesn't it contain any sickness (hope it makes sense)

PS.... Nice photo, where was it taken from ??
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