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    The House of Fins anniversary SPLASH sale is our annual excuse to share a gallery of exceptionally rare reef fish. In 2015 the infamous House of Fins or ‘HOF’ will be celebrating its 58th year in business with a huge sale that regularly amasses some of the nicest, rarest, showiest and the most exotic reef creatures in a single fish store.

    Having been around for so many decades, House of Fins is a power player in the regional marine aquarium community. They regularly have some really high profile livestock but there’s nothing like a HOF collection of reef fish when it’s time for the SPLASH sale.

    [​IMG]Apricot Bass, plectranthias garrupellus

    This year’s star-studded cast of delectable reef fish include ornate boxfish, candy basslet, pintail fairy wrasse, pink rhinopias, spanish flag, brachiosaur blenny, yellow hawkfish and many additional species which saw their U.S. debut at HoF. The icing on the rare fish cake this year will be a pair of gorgeous apricot bass, Plectranthias garrupellus, probably the first pair to be offered for sale in the United States.

    Although SPLASH won’t be having any speaker presentations this year, you can still scoot on down to Greenwich CT to take advantage of great deals. This weekend only beginning at 10am Saturday and 12pm Sunday, you can get 30% of all fish, corals, and inverts and 20% off everything else. For more information check out the House of Fins facebook page.

    [​IMG]Ornate boxfish, Aracana ornata

    [​IMG]Pintail fairy wrasse, Cirrhilabrus cf. lanceolatus

    [​IMG]Pink Rhinopias

    [​IMG]Scrawled filefish, Aluterus scriptus

    [​IMG]Spanish Flag, Gonioplectrus hispanus

    [​IMG]Yellow Hawkfish, paracirrhites xanthus

    [​IMG]Candy basslet, Liopropoma carmabi

    [​IMG]Spanish flag, gonioplectrus hispanus

    [​IMG]Painted white frogfish, Antnnarius

    [​IMG]Brachiosaur blenny, Omobranchus anolius

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