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    Hi Guys

    I'm in the process of setting up a hospital tank but have a few questions. I have recently had a serious outbreak of WS and lost a number of my fish. I started setting up this tank shortly after the last death to be prepared for future outbreaks. My regal is now showing a few spots and needs to be hospitalised asap.
    The tank is 75l , bare bottom with a powerhead and HOB skimmer. My questions are...

    1. Is the skimmer neccesary?
    2. What water test should i do before adding fish?
    3. Can I dose with copper sulphate to treat WS?
    4. If i treat with hyposalinity what should the SG be?
    5. What happens to the setup after treatment - do i leave it running?
    6. If its left running without livestock , what maintainance routine do i follow?
    7. What maintainance while it has fish being treated?
    8. If the skimmer is used , is that sufficient filtration or should a use a cannister as well?
    9. If a cannister is used , what filter medium should it contain?

    Your wisdom will be appreciated.

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