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    The Horizon Aquatic System Titan dosing system is an interesting four-channel peristaltic dosing system that comes in either a sleek black or white finish. The Israeli company wrapped each module in clear acrylic with a touch screen to adjust the flow rates. The HAS White Titan and HAS Black Titan can be programmed for up to 24 cycles and a flow rate of 50 ml per minute.

    The HAS Titan dosing systems feature a back-lit LCD screen to make setup simple. The system is scalable too with up to 10 Titans can be added. The Titan can be run on 110 or 220V and consumes around 2W of power. The company notes they use geared motors to extend the life of the system.*From the basic look of it, the HAS Titan dosing system appears to be using similar*peristaltic*dosing pumps we’ve seen from other companies, however opting for higher quality internal parts may be was can set the company apart from others in the same market.

    The company is based in Israel and is currently selling the systems direct from*its website. The Titan system runs $648 USD for the Titan White dosing controller. The Titan Black sells for a little less going for $589 with silicon tubing and $609 for the black with pharmaceutical-grade silicon tubing.






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