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    The display refugiums is a neat concept in itself, but this display “refugium” takes things to a whole other level. This aquarium is* not really a refugium at all since it lacks macro algae and the purpose of nutrient export, but the concept is obviously based on display refugiums. The display is part of a much larger and equally cool display tank, and actually sits under the tank integrated into the cabinet. If that wasn’t cool enough the tank is stocked to the brim with just super cool LPS corals and lit with blue T5′s for some serious color popping.

    DSC_57413.jpg The complete system consist of three display tanks, two of which are satellites to the main display. The main display measures 52 by 38 by* 24 inches (132 by 97 by 61 cm), and the two other displays measure 42 by 10 by 9 inches (108 by 27 by 23 cm) and 28 by 7 by 7 inches (70 by 17 by 17 cm). The latter at 28 inches long is the LPS display system. All in all the total system volume amounts to around 236 gallons (900 liters).


    The main display, dominated by SPS, illimunated by two Pacific Sun metis XM LED fixtures. The Second display is illuminated by a a combination of a DIY LED fixture and T5 bulbs, and the LPS system is illuminated by solely T5 bulbs. Flow within the system is met by the use of four Tunze 6095, and Tunze Wave Box build into the back wall. A Vortech MP40 is used for the secondary display and a MP10 for the LPS system. A RedDragon 6500 serves as a return pump. A Tunze 7092, and a Tunze 7096 controller control the powerheads and a Aquatronica controller keep the whole system in check. Skimming is done by a Bubble King SM250 and a 1 HP Chiller keeps the temperature under control.

    For more information on Hongtam’s system and LPS display be sure to head over to his thread on the the Hong Kong Reef Forum.






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