holidaymakers be cautious!

leslie hempel

7 May 2007
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Gonubie East London
Guys for any of you coming to the coast for December holidays PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be cautious of the sea, i was at a near drowning incedent on monday night, it was close and we managed to recusetate the 11 year old boy, but we lost him twice in a matter of minutes, he is apparently not stable!

Make sure you have a paramedic on speed dial and if you are not sure where to swim ask! These kids were swimming in the river mouth on an outgoing tide and were it not for the surfer outback we would have lost him!

I wish you all a safe silly season!

also start prepping your fish foods into bank bags with strict instructions NOT TO FEED MORE to your house sitters, check ATU and other dosers, its inevitable that things will go wrong when you go away, our systems are far more reliant on us than we realise no matter how automated they are!

Enjoy and be safe on the roads!