RSS Holiday Vacation? 6 Ways to Prepare Your Aquarium

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    Getting away for awhile is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. After enjoying our vacations, we hobbyists want to come home without any troubles from our tanks. They bother us enough when we're around! You'll find many horror stories of people finding their tanks crashed after a short trip. Take that trip. Simple steps can help save your investment. Make sure your auto top off device is working and not clogged. It is essential to keep your salinity stable while you're away. Make more than enough RO/DI for top off just in case you don't return on time. If you're looking for an ATO unit, I recommend the Tunze Osmolator. Inspect any heaters for signs of failure. Heaters are known to get stuck in the on position overheating your tank. You don't want clownfish stew. Heaters can also build up calcium carbonate on the surface making it inefficient and may even cause the heating element inside to overheat and explode. Broken heaters leech heavy metals into aquariums (upgrade to a titanium model if possible!). If you dose anything, fill your containers. SPS keepers know that keeping your Calcium and Alkalinity levels stable are a must. You...


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