Hill Reef V2.0

8 May 2007
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Hi guys I have been working on a 2.0m tank for a few weeks now. Finally it is time for the water to go in. Started today but will only finish by the end of the week. Thanks to Squidlips, arguably the best tank builder in East London, for all the help. Also thanks to Leslie Hempel for also contributing.

More thanks to Travis, Horsfield, Squidlips, Justin (Horsfields son, my nephew), and my dad for helping move the tank into the house.

Enjoy the pics so far.


The stand I had especially built.


My daughter showing off the painted stand.


Squiddy looking goofed. Must have been the silicon fumes.

Geez photobucket is slow.........

Ok Leslie and Squiddy taking a break.


The bracing going in.


Fluffball trying to get the Naso.


Take me home and feed me Squiddy.


Getting ready for the next move.

Here we go..........


The first door.


The second door.


Tank in place. dudes looking for life.


The lighting brackets up.


The pulley.


The pulley system to lower or increase the height of the lights.


The skimmer just fitted in.

Thats all for now. Will take more and post as we progress. oh yes ignore the dates on the photos. Most are wrong.
Hey Viper.

I copied and pasted the above posts straight from SARK. Is it ok to do it this way. Not sure if the pics are hosted properly. Let me know if there is a problem and I will edit.
yeah thats a cool feature of this site;)
very nice, but tight fit on the skimmer, isn't going to be a pain to remove the whole thing to clean?

Also nice trophies there..
Looking great Hill. How wide did you go.
Will you keep your current tank running, or will you transfer all your live-stock?
What lights will you be running?
Looks great Hill, exciting stuff, keep us updated :)
Yeah skimmer did fit a little too tight, but I can just get in enough to remove the cup. I did not want the stand too high as the idea is to be able to view it comfortably from the lounge suite.

Dimensions are 2000mm x 750mm(width) x 600mm(height) Viewable from 2 sides.

Lighting will be 3 x 150W Metal halides. BLV 14000K.
Still toying with the idea of either supplementing with another two 150W Metal Halides but 20 000k or 2 54 Watt T5's. The jury is still out.
There will also be two 3 foot T8 phillips actinics as well.

Current tank will be broken down and all livestock will be transferred. Some Mushrooms and Star polyps will be sold off.

Next updates will be in a couple weeks. Money has dried up a little.
Woahhh Hill man has upped the game !!!

Looking awesome Rowan, nice size ;)

Great job, I'll be watching this with interest :)
Looking super cool, must say i was worried when i saw the pic of the skimmer but if you can get the cup off its all good.My stand is also fairly low so you can look into the tank when sitting down, great idea.
yeah we all starting new hill, horsfield,squiddy and myself..... gonna be awsome to see how these tanks evolve in comparison to one another....

more excuses to braai and check each others tanks out!!!
Yeah all we need now is more time and a bigger budget. :lol:
Looking good Hill - I like the stand idea too...gonna steal it if you don't mind... when you looking to sell the shroons and stars send me a pm...
How did you do the groove in the glass for the overflow under the bracing? figfured out that you did it before putting the bracing on.

Only way I can think of is drilling a lots of holes next to eachother and "reaming" it into a depression like this?

Would like to go the same way in my tank with and exsternal "box".
Had it done by the glass company. I think they cut two round holes and then join by a normal cut between the two. It is definitely not the neatest cut I have ever seen. But down here beggars can't be choosers.
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