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    We dropped by the Hikari booth at MACNA to see what was brewing and ended up chatting about the Seaweed Extreme we last saw at Reefapalooza last fall. The product began shipping at the end of last year and as you recall, came in two sizes, a small pellet and a medium wafer of seaweed goodness. Sure nori is inexpensive and widely available but these slowly sinking pellets are a great alternative to give your tangs a*nutritious*treat.

    The product contains 67% seaweed but also contains fish meal and offers your fish a balanced diet to help boost health and immunity. Seaweed Extreme is also a great food for your herbivores on the bottom of the tank include blennies and gobies and other fish and inverts. Both the pellets and the wafers are available in two sized bags as well. So far the feedback has been very favorable and hobbyists are getting pretty good results. We tested out some pellets in one of the display tanks and had immediate feeding reactions from a variety of fish, including anthias that were in the tank just for the show. What has your experience been with Seafood Extreme?
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    Those who stock Hikari...would you be getting these also...? I want the Seaweed Pellets...:blush:

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