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    When we first discovered that Hikari’s AccuProbe Hydrometers were each individually calibrated, we had to find out how they were doing it with such an apparently simple plastic measuring tool. Low and behold, we got our first look at Hikari’s ingenious modification to the iconic swingarm hydrometer and the method is brilliant.

    Where swing arm hydrometers have always had a little white floating disc embedded within, the AccuProbe still has the floater but its different. The floater of the swingarm in the AccuProbe is ‘lopsided’ in its mass and center of gravity, and by twisting it inside the arm it is possible to calibrate the flotation relative to the specific gravity that the hydrometer is measuring!

    Some other features liek a double channeled water inlet and textured inner body reduces the intriduction and formation of bubbles that may collect and influecvne the hydrometer reading. While most of us “advanced reefers” may have all but migrated to using refractometers to measure our salinity, the calibrated AccuProbe from Hikari may have bought the iconic swingarm style hydrometer a new lease on life.

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