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    Titan Corals is a relatively new wholesaler that opened up in Gardena CA this summer, and we swung by to see how they’re coming along while in the area today. Immediately upon walking into Titan Corals, you get the impression that these guys are real practicing aquarists who like to get their hands wet, and still geek out over weird an interesting corals.

    Specializing in corals from Australia and Indonesia, Titan Corals definitely has a nice spread of cool corals to look at, many of which are destined for brick n’ mortar fish stores around the country. One thing we really love about Titan, is they are not slinging anything but corals – no dry goods, no live fish, hardly any invertebrates; it’s all about corals at Titan.

    [​IMG]During our sweep of the Titan Corals holding tanks, it’s pretty obvious these “professional hobbyist” are in tune with the needs and demand of the current marine aquarium hobby. Three of Titan Corals’ staff are dedicated to the care and husbandry of just over 2000 gallons, and it shows in the health and vitality of the coral livestock they have for sale.

    We had to pull out the camera to photograph and document many different coral specimens, colonies and frags. Some of these corals are uber rare, some are very interesting, but all of them would be welcome in the aquarium of just about any home aquarium reef hobbyists. If you’re a fish store on the lookout for your first dedicated coral dealer, or just want to add another one to your livestock supplier, give Titan Corals a shout.

    [​IMG]This is one of the BEST colonies of purple and orange Rhodactis we’ve ever laid eyes on

    [​IMG]One of two show-sized colonies of the infamous Space Invader Pectinia

    [​IMG]One of two show-sized colonies of the infamous Space Invader Pectinia

    [​IMG]Turbinaria bifrons from NW Australia

    [​IMG]A stupendous small colony of Symphyllia wilsoni

    [​IMG]Turbinaria bifrons from NW Australia

    [​IMG]Blastomussa vivida

    [​IMG]A nice field of Acropor ahoeksemai

    [​IMG]Broodstock for future mummy eye chalice Echinophyllia

    [​IMG]Blue polyp montipora with a green base

    [​IMG]A juicy large Mycedium colony

    [​IMG]Turbinaria bifrons from NW Australia

    [​IMG]An assortment of coral frags at Titan Corals

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