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6 May 2007
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Guys I'm planning an SPS dominated tank but would like to keep an LPS or two as well. Can anyone recommend an LPS that doesn't mind/likes a relative high flow?
I am not too sure Galibore - perhaps Fungia? (Their polyps do not extend THAT much into the water column)..... Otherwise perhaps Goniporia?
But that said - I am sure that you will a "lower water flow" region at the bottom of the tank, and in the corners? You should be able to put some LPS there?
Yip your candycane's, closed brains, fungia etc etc. How much flow is high flow going to be.
Flow is about 3000L/H less head loss in a 50L display.
Hi Gali.... so you are talking about mostly directional water flow, at a rate of +-50 times the volume of your tank's water.... This is still a reasonable amount of flow... I think that if your put the LPS lower down in the tank (not directly in the linear flow), it should be fine.... I think that cup-corals (turbinaria) should be ok in your tank as well...
There is no real linear flow. The water pretty much moves from side to side alternating. But I think I have found what I'm looking for. Brains, Candycanes and Plate corals.

Thanks a lot guys.
in my system which is mainly SPS,ive got brain corals,fungia and even a pincusion and all are doing well.well there are stuff like frospawn that are kept in the low flow areas
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