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    capey town
    Hi guys
    im not reeeaaalllyy new to MASa, been floating around for a while but haven't truly participated in the forums. i think its about time i introduce myself and get cracking. no more excuses!

    bit of background about my aquarium life experiences... i have been in the hobby for about +/-15yrs when I was but a young teenager, started with the usual tropical fish then moved on to Malawi breeding them en masse and eventually moved on to frontosa and other Tanganyikans. then when i started working in 2013 i hunted a nice deep tank for my frontosa 800mm deep tank (2nd hand) +/-800l tank just after i bought it i was convinced by a very charismatic marine enthusiast and store owner to buy his marine equipment 2nd hand and start marines on that tank
    i fell into the trap and moved on from the Cichlids to marines :D

    towards the end of last year i moved into my own place and decided to set up my own tank, custom built and shut down my old setup, it needed a renewal anyway
    i will start a thread now with my setup
    i appreciate any advice and input, although i have been around for a while and read a few books my knowledge s still decidedly lacking

    thanks everyone :D
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    Hello and welcome @greatwyt

    There is a lot of small differences between Freshwater and marines. Seeing you were successful breeding Malawi I doubt your transition will be an issue.

    Good luck and keep on browsing MASA for all your answers.

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