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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by effectt, 15 Feb 2012.

  1. effectt


    15 Feb 2012
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    Hi all,

    I know this forum states that only 2nd goods may be displayed here or sold, but i wasnt sure where to post this.

    I am kinda new to Salt Water Fish Tanks, i am busy with books and research on how to start and maintain a beginners level fish tank.

    The problem iam having is where to buy one, I live in Johannesburg i dont mind ordering from anywhere else but aslong as iam gettin a good product with a decent price. :blush:

    i hope someone could help me on this, would be muchly appreciated. :thumbup:

    thank you

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  3. AndrévN


    23 Jul 2008
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    Speak to @Aquaria-SA he will tell you where you can buy one of his tanks
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  4. crispin


    22 Jan 2008
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    Lilliehammer, Norway
    hi effectt and welcome to masa, great to have you join:)

    there is alot to think about when you first get a tank, the size, the shape, what you want to keep and how you want to keep it, and indeed, how sure you are that its something you realy want to do.

    you are lucky to be in jhb as some of the best tank builders and companies are from there, some great places for you to shop around:) but before you go out and buy a tank, lets think a little about what you want, you may even find a good second hand tank on here that will suit you (i should know ive brough 5 of em!:))

    what is it that you want to keep? have you thought about that yet?

    how much space do you have in the house?

    do you want a custiom buildt full bells and whistles tank, or one with the appropriate equipment but might mean you have to work harder at getting right?

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