Hi GuysDue to the fire at the Kenyan International Airport this morning all fl...

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    Hi Guys

    Due to the fire at the Kenyan International Airport this morning all flights have been cancelled until further notice.
    The supplier is at the airport and will wait there a while to see if they won’t decide to open the airport again for outbound traffic.
    We will keep you updated and let you know as soon as we have confirmation that the airport is open again and that the shipment is on its way.


    We apologise for any inconvenience, we will keep you posted.

    No signs of terror in Kenyan airport fire
    News24, South Africa's premier news source, provides breaking news on national, world, Africa, sport, entertainment, technology & more.
    While there are no signs that terrorism played any role in the fire that engulfed Kenya's main international airport, police say they want to inspect the scene before making any judgement.

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