Hi everyone

25 Sep 2007
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cape town
hi everyone - great website/forum.

i'am keen to set up a marine tank with LR and coral and fish. Have years of experience in tropical fish tanks.

I am interested in a tank at a LFS in cape town , its a glass tank - 1 mtr x 60cm x 60cm with a cabinet and sump and cabinet - all for R4000 - is that reasonable.
Hi bugsy - welcome to MASA. bugsy - does this price include pumps at all? And lights/light-fittings?

If it did, then then I would say it is reasonable. Otherwise, you could try to call some of the sponsors here of MASA, and ask them for pricing on comparable hardware.

You say this includes a cabinet as well? And the cabinet has a built-in sump already?
Hi Jacquesb

yes it includes the lights which are in th cabinet, a pump , and a protien a p.skimmer, in fact everything u need to set up and run a marine tank.

seems reasonable, will check out the other sponsors. thanks
Hi bugsy, welcome to MASA. On the surface this may seem like a good deal. What lighting has the unit got and what skimmer are they including?
Glad to hear you did the fresh water side for many years as it sets you up with a decent understanding of how water chemistry works.
Hey Bugsy, welcome to MASA.
Welcome to MASA Bugsy.
welcome dude and good luck
Thanks everyone , promise will keep u posted once i get my tank and start setting up.

I will need all the help and advice that i can get.

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