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    Hi all, just thought I would introduce myself properly after posting and getting some help here over the past few weeks.

    I have previously had only freshwater/tropical tanks, my last being a 4ft Malawi cichlid setup. I moved house a few years back and my 4ft got badly damaged and had to be thrown away.

    I have always been facinated with marine and reef tanks, I had previously looked into converting my 4ft to marine after a bad crash and losing all of my livestock, at the time the money was just not there to dive into the wonderful world of salt water.

    I went for a couple of years with no tank at and then the bug bit. Unfortunately the current house doesn't have a suitable place for a large tank again (wife constraints :lol:) so I had to go smaller. I started off with a small 1ft tank with the thought I would just start off slowly and have a simple setup with mainly LR, a HOB with a built in skimmer and a canister filter from my previous setup as my filtration.

    Getting the 1ft stable with the filters I had was near impossible with major algae issues pretty much from day 1. I decided after some research that my best bet would be to go bigger. I purchased a 2ft tank, increased the amount of LR and added a separate small skimmer and managed to get the system running to what I thought was pretty smooth. I cycled the tank, added a clean up crew and later added a clown and a blue damsel. The system ran great for a couple of months which is when I decided it was time to try and give nemo a home. After some bad advice I learnt the hard way that my lighting and filtering was obviously not up to the task of keeping a mushroom and the entire system crashed.

    I got a little disheartened and almost decided that keeping a reef may not be for me but instead of giving up I decided to save what I could and focus on fixing the issue at hand. I still had the old 1ft tank in a cupboard and decided that it would be a good idea to set this up as a sump to enhance my filtering and increase the overall water capacity of my setup. To do this I needed a new cabinet, in the process I also purchased a new skimmer, new lighting, new hob and all of the bits and pieces for a DIY siphon overflow. This also led me to joining MASA to get some much needed advice and guidance.

    This leads us to the present where I have been receiving some great advice on my setup in the below thread.

    Nano tank with Sump - Marine Aquariums of South Africa
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    Nice adventure you've had... Great to have you on our forum....:thumbup:

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