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    HGTV is getting into the reality aquariums show game with the addition of Ultimate Aquariums making its debut on the channel on Friday,*October*12 at 1 PM. The show will highlight the team at Los Angeles’ Infinity Aquarium Design*as they go around designing and installing custom aquariums for their clients.*We wrote about the two aquarium showsTanked” and “Fish Tank Kings” drumming up interest at MACNA last week, and we do have to wonder is there enough interest to carry three shows. We will have to wait and see what the HGTV team has in store as we all know drama grabs people’s attention but is it enough to grab a share of the market?

    There is a balance they have to find. Of course the hobbyists want to see more about equipment, coral selection, fish stocking — more-or-less the geekery of the hobby, where the average non-hobbyists wants to see a cool design, can care less about equipment and just wants to see lots of cool, pretty fish swimming around. According to the description on the HGTV website:

    Ultimate Aquariums features over-the-top, uber-expensive, one-of-a-kind aquariums for celebrities and the wealthy. From concept, to design and install, we’ll get a first-hand look into how these amazing custom aquariums are created with dramatic reveals – from a 1,000 pound column tank to the search for rare fish for Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker’s unbelievable aquarium. Each aquarium creation is beyond your wildest imagination!

    So there is a bit of hope for the hobbyist and we’re sure the LA area has plenty of interesting customers with some unique needs that should entertain. We’ll try to set the DVR to catch the show and compare it to the other three. Love it or hate it, any exposure to the hobby is good exposure and maybe the next Jake Adams, Scott Fellman or Matt Pedersen is going to tune in and get hooked.

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