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    A new school year is just around the corner which means that parents are looking for deals on back-to-school supplies like clothes, backpacks, laptops and anything that can help kids excel at learning. Well here’s a thought, since MACNA 2011 is free for students and it is a great learning experience in a field with lots of career opportunities, parents ought to consider using MACNA as an incentive for their kids to get good grades during the first month of the school year.

    With some urging from a Reef Builders editorial, the Iowa MACNA is shaping up to be one of the most kid-friendly marine aquarium events ever. Not only are students 17 years old and under allowed in to the event hall and speaker talks for free, but we are also particularly looking forward to visiting the Central Campus Marine Biology Program and its 14,000 gallons of saltwater aquariums on display. So if you’re a student and you want to come to MACNA, now is the time to hit up your parents for a trip to the Iowa MACNA to meet other youths who share a healthy interest in marine aquariums.
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