8 May 2007
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I have posted my thoughts regarding the start of a new SPS dominated system and the possible conversion of my current tank to a Dendro/Gorg system.

Below is a pic of my tank as it is now:


I am quite happy with it and everything is doing well - but have lost many of my SPS colonies due to the "Creosote Incident" and are looking for some inspiration:whistling: . I have also switched over to the Balling method for calcium and alkalinity supplementation and would like to start a system from scratch using this instead of the usual calcium reactor. I had problems getting the alk dialled in and had some rescession on the sps corals I had left. I am also running Prodibio on this tank and am very happy with the results I have achieved so far.
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Nice BB.
You running the full Balling Method?
If yes, where did you get salt with no sodium and chloride in it?
So - where does all of this lead to ? - you ask.

I am looking for some suggestions and imput:

My current thoughts are leaning towards converting this in-wall system to a fish only.The main reason for wanting to do this is the simple fact that it is a display tank in our lounge/dining room. I feel that it would be something a wider group of people would appreciate.Not everyone thinks a tank full of sticks is pretty. I would dearly love to keep a majestic and emperor and cannot do so in a fully stocked reef tank. This would be a very low tech system:

Tank as it is now - with all SPS/Clams removed.
1 x 150watt 20k halide fitted / or single 400 watt 20k (For nenny's)
Possibly a closed loop added - for benifit of nenny's - I cannot get rid of them - but could not stand to have them in a SPS tank either.Not quite sure what will happen to them yet:whistling:. Maybe a clownfish biotope:y10:
All other corals will stay to fight for survival.If they fall to predation that will be so.....

That will be that - with regular water changes still being done.The aquascaping will be altered to include some overhangs etc- but not much else.
Mooi Man, those Moonies have got Huge !!!

BB, I like the idea of a Fish only and if I had the space I would defineatly set one up myself.
Sounds cool BB.
400 Watts for Nenny's?? Thats a waste of electricity.:)

So basically you starting from scratch with your SPS cube...
Ok - so I have given up on the Dendro/Gorg system(For now anyhoo)and want to set up a dedicated SPS biotope.

I have allways liked the look of a rimless cube and think this is the way I would go. I will have to work with the space I have available in the fish room and the opposite wall from the in-wall will be utilised.I have set a few basic "rules" for this system.

(1) Will be a biotope - I have not yet decided on the geographical area - but will restrict myself to species found there ONLY.
(2) Will contain SPS corals ONLY
(3) Minimum fish load - with max 5 fish.(Schooling of same species prefered)Something unusual.
(4) Balling method will be used for alk,cal etc
(5) Tank will be dialled in and run "Stockless" for a number of months.
(4) A mix of Prodibio and Fauna Marin will be used.
(5) 14k blv lamps with t5
(6) Tunze streams and closed loops
(7) Profilux computer system.I want to utilze the lighting programs provided so will interface to dimable t5's.
(8) HUGE skimmer - brand not decided yet. Maybe Fauna Marin 3/AM twin/H&S or RK2.

The tank will be more for my enjoyment so rubbermaid tubs will serve as sumps and diy will be used when possible.

More to follow soon.
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Sounds cool BB.
400 Watts for Nenny's?? Thats a waste of electricity.:)

So basically you starting from scratch with your SPS cube...

My anemones are very dear to me:wave2: so would like to keep good care of them.

Most of the new tank will be new - but it will be a slow process - I need to be sure that what I end up with is realy what I want.
Well BB, i will definitely be following your tank. Really hope you get what planning for!!!
Good luck man!!
Looks great Hilton, one prob in future with Nennies and big angels, won't they chomp them?

New cube will be stunning. Sorry to hear about the creosote episode (whatever that was it sounds horrible), when you're ready give me a shout re restocking your SPS.
Sounds great, where will you set this system up and what size Blv's are you going for?
Some progress here - SWMBO has given me the provisional go-ahead so I will start by ordering the glass to make the tank.

I have chucked some drawings together and will add those shortly for comment.

I still have not made a final descision on which route I will take. I realy want to go for something smaller.
Any updates Bristlebasher? Really keen to see any progress you have made on this.
Hi everyone - thanx for reminding me of this thread. ;)

I haven't been on-line much lately .:(

I have been very busy with work and personal stuff - so sorry for not being here more often.I have also had some pictures of my tanks used in Prodibio adds and magazines so that's kept me busy too.

Here is a sketch of what I have been working on. It is going to be a Japanese style layout and I will try and post more details when I have a chance.




and also using this as the blueprint

That aquascape looks really great.

Now there's a different way to do a c2c, much easier than the conventional square box shape.
i think you should!!

simply awesome BB kudo's to you man!!
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