Hermits looking for a good home

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Havent got any yet still finding out what my mate needs i want 2-3..
ok guys i've got about 10 that can go

3 x Gal
3 x DJ
4 x Psycho cause he's bigger than most of us..


I can't take anymore. I already have three. One too many I think.
I will takes Gals :) Where abouts do you stay Copper
Please PM me some info...Numbers etc i can only collect on Saturday or Sunday if that suits you

Did you get some. I am very close to Copper, almost walking distance if you still need a crab. I have 4 now, need to give away 2.
Thabks Galibore unfortunatly i had to much to do this week end but will speak to copper and ask when i can come
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