Hermits looking for a good home

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Len, how much do you want for them and are they blue leggies or red Legged?

I will take the left handed crab and two of the other. If you want to get rid of all of them at the same time, I will take them and find good homes for the others.
Len, no don't worry, I won't recycle them. I have more than enough extra homes for all of them.

I will PM you.
Oops, sorry. Fred PMed me on this thread earlier (not sure how the PM rules works here?).

Seeing that Galibore don't want all of them, can I split it between you two?

Would preffer not to make them travel to Capetown, but your call.

I actualy agree Len, Cape town might be somewhat of a shlep, thanx for your PM reply, Galibore or Phsyco can have them, less hasles.;)
:(:(:( Dam ive been looking all weak for hermits...Oh well where you get them from?

Try the same place I PM'ed you about. If you don't come right I can part with one of the three that Len gave me. But give them a week or so just so I can make sure they are going to survive.
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