Hermit crab


7 May 2007
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Lanseria airport
I was wondering if anyone will be able to tell me what species of hermit it is that is found on the kzn coast: black to brownish in collour with yellow dots/bands on the legs. Don't have any pics but thought there might be a couple of crab experts out there that will be able to tell me what it is.
Hi Octopus,

I don't know the name of these crabs, but i do know that they are reefsafe.
i have one of those in my sump , the reason he's in there cause he was nipping on my pin cushion , but as the experts say , it up to the individual ... put him in but watch him ....
ive got +-50 of those in my tank,some with pink shells
Len thanx for the info, want to see if I can find out more about them now that I have a name to start of with.
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