Here's a pic of my gobies

6 May 2007
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pic of two of my gobies !

Dude, what camera u using?
Thats an awesome pic!!!
yea those two went though alot ! i lost power to the tank for two days and every thing died and nitrates went though the roof after about 20 water changes i was still up 100+ nitrates !
so striped the tank had the live rock flushed though and rebuilt system ! loads of money spent and a lot better system now

the camara is a old fujifilm fine pix a205 2.0mpixels had it for about 2+ years now
Awesome pic Jono. Those watchmen goby's have a lot of personality.
orange spot goby

i did have one with the sulphur goby but when i had a crash out i lost it only ended up with these two they went in to a foot tank while i had the main tank drilled and new stand and sump sorted then when they went into the main tank they paired up so not sure to put a pistol shrimp in with them !

the yellow goby is the sulphur goby
and the other is a orange spot goby

So I take it you're from Bedfordview?

no from Cornwall U.K went on holiday and elecy meter run out of money ! opps !

more on my tank click here
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Nice pics and fish....Gobies always seem to have a type of personality..The way they do things and stuff...
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