Discussion in 'SPS Corals' started by copperpenny, 5 Apr 2008.

  1. copperpenny


    30 Sep 2007
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    Urgent feedback required - some of my corals are having a problem. The litte tree one (don't know what it is actully called, but has a hard stem with cabbage ear branches)
    has suddenly shrivelled up and looks as if it ready to die. have noticed a type of green furry growth on the underneath of the "leaves". There is also a grey jelly matter starting to grow on the sun coral, fox coral and brain looking coral. what must i do?
    Have checked the water parameters and all is good however do not have a phosphate test kit - do have a phosphate remover which is functioning fine. All fish are full of beans, oh yes the bubble corals are also under stress.
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  3. irie ivan

    irie ivan MASA Contributor

    6 May 2007
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    Does not sound like a parameter problem..... well not directly. Sounds more like the dreaded brown jelly infection, which is bacterial in nature.

    You need to remove the effected corals from the water, with as little of the jelly as possible "falling off" into the tank. (Switching off flow helps) Cut away all infected parts and rinse the coral well ( in seperate water) before returning it to the tank.

    There is no definite known cause for this disease, with cilliates, bacteria and protozoans (helicostoma??) have been blamed, but the jury is still out.

    Personally i believe it to be a secondry infection (oppurtunistic) by bacteria/cilliates present on the host. In a healthy system with good flow, the bacterial colonies on coral tissues are "balanced". In an unhealthy/unhappy/stressed coral, its ability to regulate control bacterial population is affected and the population becomes skewed. The bacteria/cilliates devour dying coral tissue, increasing their population resulting in a snowball effect.

    Do a thorough investigation of your system, husbandry practises and filtration setup to determine potential causes. My first suspect would always be flow and allelopathy....think about it.
  4. copperpenny

    copperpenny Thread Starter

    30 Sep 2007
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    Thank you Irie, sorry its taken a while to reply, but I had a problem with my login.
    I will take some pics for you, then take a while learning what to do with them and hopefully you can once again help.
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