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    iv got a sump with to many compartments and its got a built in lid need to remove some of them as well as the lid where can i do im in jhb
    i want to put aragonite on my base sum1 told me iv got to put something under it so the livestock that move the sand dont drop the live rock
    my tanks 1.5m long 86cm high and width wise its curved the widest is 55cm and narrowst side is 30cm how mant powerheads do i need and is a returm pump dat does 3000l/h ok
    what lighting do i require for this tank i want to keep anything and everything
    i want to get a reef octopus ts2 is it ok
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    Welcome to MASA, glad you joined.

    For starters, please read the link in my signature on starting a marine tank - cool info for beginners.
    You can put the liverock directly on the glass and put the substrate (aragonite) around it. That way if a creature dig then the rock won't tumble.
    The amount of powerheads depends on the corals you keep. SPS corals needs more flow than LPS corals. Start with two 3000-5000lph pumps and see from there.
    Return pump of 3000 should be OK.
    Reefoctopus TS2 is OK for a normal bio-load (not too many fish) on your size tank.
    I like a metal halide/T5 combo, so see what you can get for your size tank. SPS needs strong light were LPS does not, so decide what you want too keep first. As SPS also require a low nutrient system were LPS and softies likes a bit of nutrients.
    And please don't put an anemone in the tank before it has not matured for at least 9-12 months - they are delicate creatures that needs prestine water conditions to thrive.

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