help with star polyps

12 Nov 2015
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hi all

I have had my star polyps for about 8 months now and they have spread nicely:thumbup: but recently they have not been coming out!

I don't know why because they used to come out so nicely every day and now they have suddenly stopped coming out:m107: I don't know what the cause of this is hopefully someone can help me because they do try to come out in the morning when my lights come on but then they just withdraw themselves

Welcome to MASA!

Have you made any changes to your tank recently? What livestock do you have, maybe something has decided it likes star polyps.
My star polyps recently closed up for about 8 days but have come back strong after I started target feeding some zoo and phyto...

I have read that they can sometimes close up for a while only to come back stronger... How long have they been closed for? I cannot remember his name, but a reefer who recently left the hobby posted the comment that sometimes you must just be patient and give the coral the benefit of the doubt...
At the moment I have two chromis one clown and a colour blenny! Other stock Died due to white spot! They have been closed for about 3 weeks now but keep trying to come out!
Did you use any medication in your display tank to treat the whitespot?
Yes I did it's all clear now but I did lose a coachman a blue taming a fire fish a Cleaner wrasse a fairy Warsaw and a lawnmower blenny :m86: :m85:
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