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Discussion in 'New Members' started by anesh b, 29 Sep 2011.

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    hello everyone

    i joined masa when i decided to start my marine tank two months ago.ijust put my tank is a 1000x500x500.i have also built my sump and stand now for the biggest hurdle,the skimmer which is so expensive.i live in durban any ideas where i can buy one at a good price or even a good second hand one at a reasonable price
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    Welcome to MASA!!

    How abut sharing a bit more about what you plan to keep in your tank?
    Check out the For sale section, there a fe skimmers there for good prices.
    Or ask one of the sponsers, the Waterboy is in Durban and there are others that will shop - Sponsors Forums - Marine Aquariums of South Africa
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    More info will definatley assist us in recomending what woyld suit your needs.. skimmers are still a highly debated topic but my personal standpoint is to go as big as you can afford and turn it down if yuor requirement is less for the time being

    you can always turn a big skimmers down but not small skimmers up..

    also have a look in the for sale section.. there are a few good skimmers varying in price that im sure would suit your needs..

    a general rule of thumb is to calculate your system total volume (incl sump) and get a skimmer rated double that capacity..
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