Help with Copperband's new tank

7 May 2007
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Ok I can't make up my mind so I'm going to leave it up to you guys.

I've been moaning and groaning about my new tank for weeks and Adriaan is also pretty "g@tvol" because i can't decide on the final dimensions.

So now you guys are going to choose:

Here's the options

300L x 100W x 80D or

200L x 100W x 80D

I'd like you to also say why you think I should use the size you suggest.

Thanks guys I'd like to put this to bed ASAP so Adriaan can start building.
Hell if space insn't a restriction then defineatly go 3m long.

For me that's the Ultimate size :)
In my opinion, you can never go too long, fish don't swim top to bottom, they swim along the length of the tank, will make them very happy.

80 high is a bit too much I think, you will really battle to reach the bottom of the tank without dunking your head in.

So I vote for 300L x 100W x 70D
Totally agree with viper and Anthony, i would also go 70 deep. 3m is my ultimate length aswell.
yeah i prefer longer length and width over height
I know Northlands big tank is a 320 x 90 x 70 and that is out of 10mm glass, so i would say 12mm should be fine if on a firm level base. I would wait for one of the tank builders to confirm this.
copperband i agree that the 700mm is a better depth, i contnually hurt myself when trying to reach the bottom of mine and actually wish id gone 650mm... (and i love depth)

as for the width id say .900 with 10mm and 950mm with 12mm.... i had an unwelcome bow occur in a very well braced 2.5m x 1m x .700mm (10mm) of almost 3mm on this tank (centre bottom on both sides).... its still standing in a public area (against my advice) and i feel it allows no safety factor.....

ive learnt alot from building that tank and am very catious and calculate the risks i take when working with tanks of length and width....

good luck

Go for the 3m tank, It will look awesome where you want to put it, and then you "store" that mother of a TV at my place !
If budget isn't a problem I would also go for 3m. Remember though it's gonna take a lot of rock to look good = big bucks. But if you gona make it a slow journey it will really be enjoyable watching the system grow over time.
Make sure your floor is strong enough to hold the weight.
If I could afford it, I would go 3000mm.
Hell if budget is not limiting you then go as big as you have space for. Shallower makes your lighting more efficient but if you're like me, depth is important.
Of course 3m rob, why the stupid question?????

800 is too deep. my tank is this deep, and it really is a hassle to put rock etc on the floor, and to pick things up off it. But 800 does look much more impressive than 700.
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