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    I'm very very new to this hobby, so new I don't even have a tank. But then again this is probably a good thing as I can research and shop around until I find a suitable setup. I would like to construct a reef tank, with a sump system in a cabinet below the tank, I am looking for a 150L-200L tank with the wooden stand.

    I have also read that a tank that already includes a overflow would be better than using a hang on over flow, so if the tank already includes this is would be great.

    Would someone be able to point me to a dealer where I would be able to purchase a suitable tank in the JoBurg area, I know I can get tanks that are already buildt that includes everything needed for a reef tank. These are a bit expensive though, and I think it will take most of the fun out of building the tank, as I just plug in everything and that’s it. I would rather purchase the tank separate and then add the components my self.

    Thanks for the help, greatly appretiated.
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    Hey mate, welcome to MASA! Check the for sale section because you can pick up some awesome bargins

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