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    We are wishing we had a teacher like Mr. Rutherford when we were growing up. The third-grade teach at Garden Hills Elementary in Campaign, Ill., has brought the reefing experience to his group of kids dubbed the ‘Awesome Squad’ by incorporating a reef aquarium into the classroom learning experience.

    As huge fans of passing it on to the next generation, especially when it comes to letting kids learn valuable lessons in science and animal husbandry, we were excited to see this group of eager pupils. But these kids are seriously in need of more awesome aquarium and livestock

    The team at Frag Junky, an online coral vendor in Fort Lauderdale, shared this call to action on its Facebook page and we’d not only like to sound the bell, but raise the bar. See, we think we have enough people out there that could help put a slick frameless aquarium, top-notch LED lights, awesome filtration and cool and colorful coral and fish to make these kids feel even more awesome.

    If you would like to help out, please follow this link: Reef System - Awesome Squad:Third Grade Gifted Class at Garden Hills Elementary

    Let’s not stop taking care of Mr. Rutherford’s kids, lets help out other teachers across the country to bring marine science to our kids. Do you have any teachers in need of help? Share in the comments below and let’s all make a difference.

    Lets make a difference together!

    I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Rutherfords, 3rd grade class, The Awesome Squad. This team of mini-reefers are in need of our communities support to help grow their class project!

    Mr. Rutherford has incorporated a self-funded reef-aquarium project into his every day classroom curriculum. With some very creative marketing from the Squad, several generous individuals and companies in the aquarium community have already stepped up to help.

    The class aquarium provides a hands-on learning experience for the students and gives them the opportunity to learn about our hobby, responsibilities and even the science behind it! Mr. Rutherford future growth plans involve growing and selling/trading corals from the class tank to help fund the supplies and equipment needed to expand this into additional classes throughout the school.

    If you would like to help out, please follow this link:
    Reef System - Awesome Squad:Third Grade Gifted Class at Garden Hills Elementary

    Monetary donations can be made directly on the website and will be used to purchase items directly related to their reef aquarium. Supplies, equipment or livestock can be sent to the school address at:

    Awesome Squad
    Garden Hills Elementary
    2001 Garden Hills Drive
    Champaign IL 61821

    The class wishlist can be found here: Reef Help Link - Awesome Squad:Third Grade Gifted Class at Garden Hills Elementary

    *If you would like to send livestock, PLEASE be sure to contact us or Mr. Rutherford via email ( prior to shipping to coordinate a shipping date with him.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope that together, we can help make the Awesome Squads project continue to be successful! We understand that some of you may not be able to send physical or monetary donations at this time, but if you would still like to help out, please click SHARE and help us put this in front of the faces of our entire community! Your time and effort to help is greatly appreciated!

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