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    Hi, I'm a new aquarist - I have a 200 litre tank which has been running for almost a year. I try to do regular 20% water changes & water checks. I have a Scopa-Tang, 2 clowns, 2 yellow-bellied damsels, 1 cardinal, 1 goldie & 2 chromises ... of which one is sick ... its the larger of the 2 - "he" has been hanging in a corner for sometime but kept coming out at feeding time & fed well. He'd be in an upright postion (head facing top of tank) & bopping in the water. I did notice a white protrution coming out of his anus area. I then decided to give him a freshwater bath for 2.5 mins (where he just lay at the bottom motionless but still breathing) & then returned him to the tank. His belly has now sunken in & he seems to have difficulty with boyancy & swimming around, and couldn't catch up to his dinner this evening (so he didn't get to eat). I thought it could be a bacterial infection / worms, but would like some guidance first ... please help? Thanks!!
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    Hi Cinds - A VERY WARM WELCOME to MASA! Great to have you on-board!

    OK - to answer your question, and to able to assist you, you NEED to answer a few questions for me first, please?
    1) how "old" is the tank - how long have you had a sea-/marine tank?
    2) how long/soon after you started, did you put fish/lifestock in the tank?
    3) what are your EXACT water parameters? What test-kits do you test the water with?
    4) what is the EXACT size of your tank, and do you have a sump?
    5) what filtration do you have? ie. sump, skimmer, chaetomorpha macro algae scrubber, etc?
    6) how much live rock do you have?
    7) are your water parameters very stable? including your water temperature?

    Could you please supply us with this information, and then we would be able to assist you?

    Also - one more question - where exactly do you purchase your lifestock from? And when last have you added new fish/lifestock?

    Please enjoy your journey - sick fish is sometimes part of this journey. Keeping marines is a LONG-TERM commitment......

    Good luck, and don't be a stranger now!
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