help please "is that bleaching"

Discussion in 'SPS Corals' started by redadeath, 10 Dec 2011.

  1. redadeath


    10 Dec 2011
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    can u tell me if that bleaching or normal

    i have this wild colony Acropora samoensis a week ago and i put it under 250 watt 14 k and its base is about 20 cm from the surface of the water and the top is about 5 cm from the surface

    it's tips was pale blue when i got it .... i can see it is looking alittle bit white at the top and still have polyp extention 24 hours all around it's body also the power head is infront of it so it has strong flow

    is that bleaching ?

    if yes

    my parameters
    ph 8.3
    calcium 430
    kh 9
    mag 1340
    no3 zero
    phosphate ... undetected on api test kit and sera test kit
    salinity 1.024
    note (redsea is 1.030) where it comes from

    could i add some protective sheild and acclimate it again in its place (windows plastic ) ??

    here is the link of the pictures Flickr: Page Not Found

    would u please help me so i can save it please!!!
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  3. williet

    williet Look at the shiny LEDs!!!

    29 Nov 2010
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    Hi There

    I would recommend you start from the bottom of the tank and as soon as your coral is aclimated to the light condition, slowly move him up. It sounds like light shock to me !
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