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    Hey guys,

    In a situation with my nemmie, hoping for some advice before I lose it.

    Had my sand anemone for almost a year now, very healthy and happy up until 4 months ago when a 4 day power failure did some harm. She lost a lot of size and color during that period and it was a slow few months of recouperation thereafter.

    A week ago I had to do a sudden move of house, and therefore tanks! Since the move she has not settled, and not attached anywhere. It is now looking sadder than ever, and has started losing stickyness... dire straits!

    My question is I'm worried the male tomato clown is hassling her, and is part of the problem. It actually looked to me like he was manuvering her around the tank, swishing her around and moving her to a specific spot repeatedly. It even looked like the clown picked the nemmie up with a gentle bite and swam her into that spot... but I may be confused, I've never heard of that.

    Should I isolate nemmie with a upside down plastic container in a chosen spot, or leave the clown and nature to take its course? If i need to isolate, then where should I position her? Lowish light I assume, due to bleaching? Medium flow I assume due to lack of strength?

    Any advice urgently appreciated! I would hate to lose her...

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    I know this is late, but yes, the Tomato is not helping matters. They can be very abusive on small or unhealthy anemones. It is best to seperate.

    What is the current status of the anemone? Can you post a picture, and give us a complete list of equipment, including lighting and tank size so I can get a better idea of your setup!

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