Help new tank not level, and leaning forward

Discussion in 'Urgent Help Needed' started by Barlan, 29 Nov 2015.

  1. Barlan


    29 Feb 2012
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    Randburg, johannesburg
    Hi all

    i apologise for writing the post here, but it is life or death for my fishies.

    we recently acquired a new red sea reefer 450 at the same time as moving house and doing renos. so rush rush mad house, missed details etc.

    we had to rush the tank move cause we were running out of time and needed to move the old tank out dead line, today. we actually just moved the aquaria 1500 out this morning, a sale post for that is coming soon too..

    anyways, back to the RSR, the difference between the front and back of the glass, using spirit level is 1/2 a bubble - see pics. in terms of cms, the difference of the water level from the front to the back is 1cm as well as from ground level to top, we noticed it when we filled it up, but it wasnt this extreme.

    now we're looking for solutions to level the tank as we dont want unnecessary stress on the glass and all the bad things that come with that. like a tank toppling over and losses. we've read lots, but this is usually overseas and they have the resources, we dont seem to.

    the RSR has little feet on the bottom and the floor bring uneven could cause more pressure on those points.

    please please please has anyone got solutions to help us fix this.

    the tank was literally just filled up yesterday and is still extremely murky, we dont even know the state of our fish or corals.

    the other half has gone to builders to try get some hard wood, which he plans to put under the front feet of the tank. this means emptying it, which isnt ideal, seeing as the stock is still acclimating.

    will the tank leaning this far forward cause it topple over? what are the stresses involved?
    are there any temporary solutions we can put into place immediately?

    many thanks guys, i'm really in a state here and i need a solution asap.



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  3. Nemo84


    11 Mar 2013
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    oslo beach
    You will have to empty your water , try and save as much of the water as you can, so that you don't need to start the cycle process over . Then you can obviously level your tank while the tank is empty .
    I wouldnt use wood to level the tank as it swells , try using steel or abs sheets .

    It happened to me just as i was going to get livestock and i didn't have any containers to keep most of my water so i had to waste all the water.
  4. Richard01


    1 Jul 2015
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    Give us a photo of the bace. Wooden or concrete floor?
  5. Barlan

    Barlan Thread Starter

    29 Feb 2012
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    Randburg, johannesburg
    Hi guys

    well, the floor is laminate flooring, the tank has a wooden cabinet with little feet at the bottom, Red sea reefer 450 - if anyone wants to look at the specs.

    we managed to get a 1.2cm piece of meranti plank under the front legs to lift the base, its now about 1-2 mm higher than the back, but thats nothing in comparison to the 1cm front drop. we are happy with this.

    will most likely treat the wood a little, to help keep the wood stable. i do expect the tank to sink into the wood d bit (max the height of the feet, as they are pressure points) but once the base hits the plank, i'm hoping thats the lowest it'll sink. touch wood, no pun intended!

    so all thats left is to wire the stc controller and aquascape. The fish seem fine, now the water has c;eared up. 20151129_174252.jpg 20151129_174315.jpg 20151129_174426.jpg



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