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Discussion in 'Tunze SA' started by Skyecloud, 13 Jun 2009.

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    Hi to everyone,
    Since I joined MASA some time ago, I got involved with a freshwater set up and delayed the marines. Well, got 3 freshwaters on the go now and still no marines!!! I am now in the planning stages of a reef set up and need some advice on how to put my present equipment to best use and how to proceed from here on. Oh, can only really go with a 150 - 200 litre cube tank as space is really tight.

    This is what I have at present:

    Turbelle 3000/2 pump operating:
    • 3 x quick change filters
    • 4 x bio-reactor pots + granovit
    Skimmer operated by Turbelle 235/02 (20 litres per minute)
    All the necessary fixings, bioconnections, tubing and housings.

    This is perhaps way more than I need for the capacity of the aquarium!

    I would really like to house what I need in a sump. What should I put in the sump and what pump is going to be needed to circulate back into the aquarium?
    I have an osmolator and lighting still on the shopping list. Oh, it is going to take some time to earn the £'s required for all this so it is not going to happen in a hurry.

    I really would appreciate any comments on the best way to do all this.

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    Hi Skycloud, I have moved your thread to the "Tunze" forum. Hopefully George from Tunze, will be able to you with a 'Tunze' style of set up.

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