Help needed Candelabrum sp. hydroids

13 Jan 2015
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East London
Hi Guys

I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment with a hydroid (Candelabrum sp.) that is reaching epidemic proportions very quickly in my DT. At first I had incorrectly identified it as Coeloplana sp. but now I'm quite positive about which species I'm dealing with and there seems to be very little info out there on how to get rid of them. They have powerful nematocysts which will sting corals and fish as well as devour copepods and ampipods in home aquaria. Within just over a week after noticing the first one there must be close to a hundred now. They seem to prefer the substrate and will attach their foot to it, however they are also present on the rockwork in smaller numbers. Today I tried physical removal by scooping the very top layer of substrate and removing it from the tank. This method will probably only keep the numbers at bay temporarily. From the info I have found they reproduce asexually so just one individual hiding somewhere can produce many more.

Has anyone had these or heard of someone with this issue? Any known solution besides the very drastic measures like removing all rockwork and substrate? :m85:

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