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    We are big fans of the underwater art museum in Cancun, Mexico and now we all have a way to help bring a unique project to the museum. Colleen Flanigan, a sculptor from Portland, Ore., is currently raising funds to bring her latest living underwater sculpture to life in the MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) in the waters off Cancun. Flanigan’s project is currently accepted and the only thing holding her back is the $15,000 needed to install the piece at MUSA.

    Flanigan’s design is a welded steel matrix, like DNA, that will be electrified with low-voltage*electricity*to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with marine organisms. According to her description about this unique method:

    “With low voltage direct current, pH of seawater can be raised to attract limestone minerals to adhere to a metal matrix. Since corals need calcium carbonate to build their exoskeletons, this process gives them an extra boost, a life supporting substrate to better withstand environmental stresses currently endangering, bleaching, and killing them. In the increasingly warming and acidifying ocean, Biorock sculptures supply corals with a localized alkaline environment. Soon fish and other creatures move into the new artsy neighborhoods.”

    You can help bring her artwork from dream to reality by donating at Kickstarter. This unique idea-funding site allows you to donate anywhere from $1 up to help the person or organization reach their monetary goal in the time specified. If the goal is met, the funding is given to that person but if not, then no money is taken from the donors. We feel this is a fun and unique way to take part in something special. Flanigan is seeking $15,000 by Monday, April 11 and the good news is, she is over halfway there with 60 more days to go. We weren’t able to grab the video and post it here but if you click on the image above it will take you to her Kickstarter page with all the details.
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