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  1. Fiza


    22 Apr 2012
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    port elizabeth

    I want to purchase an existing marine tank. the guy says he is running it with a sump and drip filter. no protein skimmer and no wave maker. can it be run like that or do i need to get those things? it's a 1meter long tank with an anemone, a clark clown and 3 seargent majors. want to add some clown fish and maybe a few other fish. is it fine to run the tank like that or do i need to add on to it? what is the tank worth?

    all help is appreciated
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  3. FransSny


    16 Oct 2008
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    Hi and welcome Fiza, gald you are looking at taking the plunge into marines !

    Saying what a tank is worth is very difficult as condition etc determines the price. As a good indication , if a new one sells for R 100 at the shop ...a secondhand one is orth R 50 ...sad but true.

    Drip filter is worth zero.

    How he keeps an anemone with no flow ....interesting to for the LS (fish) , no real value there either , Clarki clowns are cool but will be agressive to other similar sized / shaped species. Seagent majors just become nasty after a while.

    You are sayin no wavemakers , skimmers etc? This would actually be a recuirement to keep corals and the whole system happy and thriving. Another question would be lighting ? Is there any ?

    Personally I would rather suggest do some more research regarding marines and their husbandry requirements before jumping into a hasty purchase

    Good luck !
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  4. Tremayn


    21 Mar 2010
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    Look at the forsale section here, there are some PE reefers here that you can get in touch with.. Unless the guy is selling the system for like R900 its not really worth it. You can pick up awesome big tanks here for around R2000. The skimmer and flow pumps are going to cost you a bit also.

    As FransSny suggested, rather research then you will know what you want to keep and what you will have to get. This will save you lots of money. Dont rush and buy the 1st tank you see as there are always tanks up for sale. Take things slow and do it right the 1st time :)
  5. crispin


    22 Jan 2008
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    Lilliehammer, Norway
    hi Fiza, welcome to masa and good luck on taking the plunge into the wonderful world of marines, it realy is an exciting journey:)

    I agree with what frans has said and personally i would probbaly walk away from the tank and get one that you can build up from the base in order to keep the things you like to keep. That tank is probably fine as a fish only system (although id hazard a guess that its got algae and cyano issues) but you will battle with things like corals and shrimps etc.

    why not tell us what you would like to keep and we can try advise you on what you would need to keep them? Do a little more research into marines and what is involved before you get a tank as it will make the journey so much easier.

    bottom line, id walk away from that tank untill you know more about what you want to achieve:)
  6. saaid


    20 Dec 2010
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  7. Clownfish9906


    5 Mar 2012
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    Midrand, Gauteng
    hey Fiza

    Some advice from someone new...

    My tank is running for around a takes patience, which I admit being something I and some decent cashflow (lack that too...who doesnt!!!) lol

    I agree with what the others had to say, plan, cost the exercise out and see if you're going to make it. My tank is small compared to the ones on MASA, but the hardware has cost me a pretty penny, even though I bought used items. Dont rush into it and end up stopping short because it may seem like too much of trouble.

    Read, Read and Read some more...the sticky threads in particular...

    If you make it through this phase, then you should be fine...

    Remember, when in doubt, read up and ask questions...

    Goodluck and welcome to MASA...

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