Hello to all from Exotic Aquariums

25 Aug 2007
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Finally, I get a chance to register on this great site. Well done to all involved in creating and running this site. It was great seeing many of you at the IMACSA show and what a show it was. To all those involved in the hosting of IMACSA well done you guys are tops, and thank you for doing such a great job.:thumbup:


Thank you for those kind words Adam, Welcome to the forum.
Thanks guys

I would like to ask a silly question though, what do all the icons and coloured bars on under a persons user name mean and how does it work?.
Hi Adam

The coloured bars indicate your post count, as your post count increases so does the red bar.

The scales of justice allow you to give a person a positive or negative reputation/feedback for a particular post that they have made, so if someone makes a very informative or helpful post then they deserve to get given a positive reputation. As your reputation increases, so does the little green blocks under your post count.

The red and yellow cards are used for members to report to administrators if they see an infraction of some kind, i.e. a serious violation of the rules or slandering another member etc. Admin will review the infraction and decide on whether or not the infraction is justified. Once a member receives a certain amount of infractions, the system will automatically ban that user for a period of 5 days.

The red warning triangle is for members to report 'bad' posts to moderators, i.e. for minor things like spam or someone starting to get out of hand and needs a little slap to bring them back into line :lol: Moderators will review these posts and take the necessary action, if necessary inform admin to take further action by deleting the post and/or speaking to the member via PM.

This is all done off the forum, there is no fighting or arguing or bickering or questioning reasons etc on the forum, this is a reefkeeping forum and will be kept as such. All "politics" are promptly removed from the forum and are dealt with privately so that the forum contains nothing but reefkeeping information :D We are very strict in this regard as I am sure you will appreciate that it leads to a very happy and informative place for the members to enjoy their hobby.
Thaks Viper

This sounds great and I beleive this is what a forum shold be about, what is the seller rating and the blue bar for?
The blue and green bars are just for prettyness :)

The seller rating is an ebay style rating system for sellers and buyers and works pretty much exactly like ebay does, both buyers and sellers can rate their experiences with another person, be it Joe Soap selling his pods or a sponsor selling his goods. It is a new system we are trying out and appears to be working well so far. This is also monitored by admin and moderators so that no malicious positive or negative ratings can be made. All of our members are using these systems very responsibly which I am very glad about, we have not had a single complaint yet *touchwood* :)
Hey Adam, welcome, really great to have met you at IMACSA. We are very relieved the event went down so well for both the hobbiests and sponsors alike. Thank you for making the effort to come down all the way from JHB, it really was appreciated. A big thanks to Steven for comming back to me with the problem i am having with my chiller will fit the new sensor and let you know how it works out.
You guys really have made some improvements on how things should work on a forum that the hobby uses, we need to grow this great hobby through creating a positive and creative sharing of info, please pm me info on sponsoring this site and I would also like to give away some goodies to members.
Thank You. Free goodies are always welcome :D

we need to grow this great hobby through creating a positive and creative sharing of info
I couldn't agree with you more.
The members? How about some free goodies for the staff? :D
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