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25 Oct 2007
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Just recently found this great site and had to join!Hope to be a regular visitor as all you guys are so friendly!:thumbup: I have been keeping marines in different forms since 1999 and presently have a 7x2x2 ft tank with a 5x2x1.5 ft sump.Ive been building up to going sps for the last year but havnt quite comitted yet:blushing: Been a bit distracted by getting on top of the gro tech fauna marine low nutrient system,but heres hoping a good start will be made soon!Hope to talk,post,to you guys very soon,thanks guys!

Good evening Aquabee, nice to have you on board, yip the guys are friendly here, but trust me you will get plenty of requests for pics when they wake up

Enjoy the stay
Hey Aquabee, welcome to MASA, what are you keeping at the moment?
:lol: told you they gonna ask for pics
Have to try and sort that out guys!Also have to get used to the time difference between SA and Scotland!:blushing:
I dont get out much!:blushing: maybe the wife is right,I do spend too much time on the tank:thumbup:
Welcome Dude.
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