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    If you thought the multitude of unknown Trimma species out there were heartbreakers for the nano fish realm, here’s another very unknown and poorly offered genus that is equally suited for the home style reef tanks. Helcogramma is a genus of triple fins named so aptly for their tri-segmented dorsal fin. This genus is moderately sized and found in various reefs at rather shallow depths, yet almost none make it traditionally into the aquarium scene.

    Helcogramma striata is a predominantely red striped goby-style fish that is found in shallow warm tropical oceans living on coral, sponges and other stony surfaces, often in accompaniment of Ecsenius species. When Koji of BlueHarbor visited Cairns Marine recently to handpick amongst other things, the blue face koran angel, he brought back with him to Osaka this very seldom seen triple fin.

    Helcogramma is a fish i’ve always wanted to see and keep and when I saw it being uploaded on BlueHarbor’s inventory, I fell in love immediately and got Koji to send it right here to Singapore. The fish is a beautiful red overall with a yellow face adorned with blue glitter. The coloration will settle down to a deeper and more uniform red in the following days. This fish has a nervous behaviour and enjoys sitting atop rock and coral in various positions, even upside down.

    Helcogramma striata*will hopefully be the gateway for more to come, and hopefully more species in this genus to be offered. An affordable, lesser known demersal fish that adds life and spunk to any aquarium. Big thanks to Koji and Cairns Marine for the fish.
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