Have strange brown algae

1 Mar 2015
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Abu Dhabi
I have this strange brow algae in my tank that nearly disappears after the lights go out and then comes back when the lights have been running for a few hours,mainly covers the gravel on the bottom
sounds like cyano. If there are bubbles trapped within then it is cyano.
Its not slimy nore does it have air bubbles trapped under it Will post photo s tomorow as well as water parameters.
I dont think its Diatoms,as its a tank thats been running since October and the sediment has not been disturbed since I started the tank.The algea appeared just after I removed my PO4 absorber and started dosing NOPOX.
Trust me it can be diatoms. My tank has been running for 4 years and I just recently purchased a vertex sr260 light unit and once I put on the unit diatoms started forming on my substrate. I turned down the lighting intensity and reduced my feeding a bit and now it is disapeering. There is a number of factors that can cause diatoms in any tank regardless of age. Over feeding is the most common as not all the food goes to mouth and then just settles on the substrate. I had a sand sifting starfish that helped with this issue but I lost him just before I got my lights. A sand sifting gobie can also aid in preventing diatoms forming as they constantly sif or move the sand around thus causing any traped detris to be released.
Hers a photo of the algae

Can't make the pic out clearly but that looks like cyano. Could also be a bad case of diatoms. Bit difficult to tell but one of the two for sure.
i dont know how far im off topic, but, does high light increase algae and diatoms?
will a wave maker aid in "flow" to lower algae etc or is it for show purposes
@ShLiMi333 maybe you should start a thread with your tank description etc. There you can then ask as many questions you want with out us hi-jacking this thread. No offence given, just fair to @oliver as this is his thread. Just to answer your question flow is one of the most important things required in your setup and not having the rite flow can cause algae outbreaks also.
Ive been following a thread of RC and what you describing about it dissappearing at night leads me to think it maybe dinoflagellates as per the info on that thread as they take to the water column at night and settle during the day.

It may very well be new tank syndrome.

There has been a few theories. Blackouts, Uv, dirty method. Dosing of phyto and bacteria etc.

Hope you get lucky eradicating it. Thers some success stories so dont lose hope
Looks more and more like a serious case of diatoms. Try and vacuum those area's and maybe direct one of your powerheads in that are. If you have a spare powerhead then rather use that. How many fish do you have and how much are you feeding?
Tank 240 l total fish population 5 small clown fish 1 green chromis 2 small bicolour blennies 2 blue devils 2 cleaner shrimp 8 ousters 3 shrooms about 7cm across and one tube worm.Po4 and No3 below detectable levels with red sea test kits all other parameters in aceptable range. feeding small amount of dry food 5 days a week in morning an evening on 6th day live brim shrimp 7th day no feeding
Try to feed less flakes maybe every second or third day. Rather give frozen food or brine shrimp more regularly. You won't believe how much nitrates does flakes and pellets leave in a tank, because tank mates will eat cubes and frozen shrimp quicker than flakes and pellets. What it means you will find mostly uneaten flakes and pellets than anything else lying on your substrate which can lead to diatoms etc.
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