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    Today, March 19th is Taxonomist Appreciation Day. This rather obscure day may not sound familiar to everyone, but it should, and hopefully it will gain a stronger following in the years to come. Today we say thank you in appreciation to all taxonomists and systematists for the work they have done, for without them we would be living in a world without colour, without science, and without life. 

    [​IMG]A collection of fish from California Academy of Science’s Philippines expedition. Here a mixture of known and unknown fish awaiting cataloguing and description.

    In our industry and hobby, many of us have had the chance to work with or at least touch base with some of the brilliant minds that make science so spectacularly colourful. Can you remember the first time you met your favourite taxonomist? Was it at a MACNA? I remember mine clearly, and here’s a big thank you to all for seeing beauty in death, to breathe new life to taxonomy.

    [​IMG]Dr. Luiz Rocha with preserved specimens of Cirrhilabrus blatteus. Aside from deep diving in the Red Sea, the California Academy of Science’s ichthyology department is one of the few places where C. blatteus can be see. Dead of course.

    Below is a little thank you collage to some of the great minds i’ve had the privilege of meeting. I’ll refrain from posting photos of faces for privacy reasons, but here’s a few memories that some of them have left me with.

    So who are you saying thanks to today? #loveyourtaxonomist

    [​IMG]My cover photo of CORAL magazine signed by Dr. John Randall and Dr. Richard Pyle, Dr. Luiz Rocha giving a tour on California Academy of Science’s ichthyology collection, and Dr. Anthony Gill for his Pseudochromid revision.

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