RSS Happy People Eater is the neatest new Zoanthid we’ve seen in a while

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    The Happy People Eater zoanthid from Happy Corals Inc. is a new and lovely strain of People Eater zoanthids which deserves a little air time. People-eater zoanthids of the Protopalythoa genus have always been among the most populars polyps in the aquarium trade ever since the original purple-people-eater from Blane Perun almost single-handedly kicked off the zoanthid craze.

    Although the Purple People Eater (PPE) zoanthid may have sold for as much as $100 per polyp at the height of the zoanthid madness, Happy Corals is hooking up their customers with Happy People Eaters (HPE) for just $10 per individual zoanthid. The fact that the HPE zoanthid has alternating tentacle colors, red and black radiating stripes, a nebulous green center patch and a neon green mouth in a single polyp ought to make any zoanthid collector pretty happy.
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