Happy Birthday Hill!


8 May 2007
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Point Waterfront Durban
happy birthday dude. :happybday: may you pass on the naso to me ;)
Hey Rowan, Have a good one ;)
Thanks guys. Going to braai with family and friends tonight. Damn frag fairy seemed to miss the house though. :lol:
Rowan may it be an awesome day for you
heppie heppie
Happy Birthday Hill.......... Hope you get heaps of reefy presents!!!
Hey bru got called out last night at 12am. Just got back to East London now 12h30pm. And the fault was not even on our side. Bloody Eskom Depot staff. Clainming they fixed the line early yesterday morning. Drove all the way to Barkly Pass. Found our stuff ok. Eskom line single phasing had to wait there until 7am until they came to fix the line. Oh yes it was -1.8 inside at about 6am.

Wind chill outside in gale force wind was much colder. Tried to sleep in the bakkie but had to leave it idleing to keep us warm. Pity we don't have sexy young ladies working for us. View attachment 62315
I know it's a day late, but have a great day. Many more returns!!
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