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    Hanna Instruments, the folks behind the popular line of Hanna Checkers made a change to their HI755 alkalinity checker. Several users were reporting of issues with waiting for the powered reagent to dissolve and other inconsistencies with testing results. Hanna took the feedback and redesigned the alkalinity kit replacing the powdered reagent with a liquid reagent. This improves the quality of the kit, as well as upgrading the kit to give consistent results. If you were one of the customers that purchased the kit that included the powdered reagent you can apply for the liquid version replacement for free. Customers have received the kits and report good results including not having to wait for their testing results. It seems that Hanna Instruments provides good solutions (pun intended) to their customers.

    To Hanna Instruments HI755 customers:

    During the past 3-4 weeks, we have been analyzing various solutions for improving the process of the HI755 alkalinity checker.

    We are pleased to announce that we have reached a solution that will both improve the procedure, and enhance the accuracy of the checker over a wider range of alkalinity levels.

    The solution involves replacing the HI755-25 powder reagents with HI755-26 liquid reagents. The performance of the liquid reagents was benchmarked against the results of an automatic titrator in seawater aquarium samples. These repeated tests showed consistency in performance within our original accuracy specifications of (+/-5% of reading, +/- 5 PPM.

    In addition, the measurement time has been reduced to less than 30 seconds because the liquid reagents do not possess the same solubility issues as the powder reagents.

    Our plan is to offer a free upgrade kit to all of our customers. The kit will include the liquid reagents, a new revision of the instructions, and some spare caps for the cuvettes.

    To receive your kit, please go to and provide the required information. The upgrade kits are being produced as we speak. Our goal is to begin shipping them beginning the week of 11/29/10.

    Thank you for your continued feedback and support.

    Hanna Instruments Management Team.

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