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    Having posted a lot of links to interesting articles lately, I thought it would be a good idea to post a "links page", with links to some of my articles (marked with *), and to info which I consider as being "Definitive" for our hobby.

    Feel free to add links if you have any, and I will move them up into the correct category :) - also feel free to disagree on any link being "definitive", and if I'm convinced I will gladly remove it...

    Starting in the hobby:

    So, you want to start with Marines? *


    The complete Nitrogen Cycle

    Filtration in marine aquaria *

    Reef Aquaria as Ecosystems - by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. -

    Down the Drain, Exports from Reef Aquaria by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. -

    Live Rock As A Biological Filter: Hit or Myth? by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.. -

    Applications of Sand in Reef Aquariums: Theory and Practice by Eric Borneman -

    How Sandbeds REALLY Work by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. -

    Are Plenums obsolete - Another viewpoint part 1, by Rob Toonen, Ph.D - Seabay article

    Are Plenums obsolete - Another viewpoint part 2, by Rob Toonen, Ph.D - Seabay article

    Granular Activated Carbon: Part 1, by Richard Harker - article

    Granular Activated Carbon: Part 2, by Richard Harker - article


    Skimming Basics 101: Understanding Your Skimmer by Frank Marini, Ph.D. -

    What is Skimming? by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    DIY Calcium Reactor:

    DJ88's Calcium Reactor - DIY!


    Reefkeeping 101: Sumps -

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration:

    Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Systems to Purify Tap Water for Reef Aquaria by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    Tank Chemistry:

    Calcium and Alkalinity

    An Improved Do-it-Yourself Two-Part Calcium and Alkalinity Supplement System by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    Solving calcium and alkalinity problems

    The Relationship Between Alkalinity and pH by Randy Holmes-Farley - Advanced

    ORP and the Reef Aquarium by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    Clams Direct :: View topic - Water chemistry guidelines

    Silicon - Foe or Friend by Craig Bingman, Ph.D - article

    Low pH: Causes and Cures by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    High pH: Causes and Cures by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    What Your Grandmother Never Told You About Lime by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    The Degradation of Limewater in Air by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    Optimum Parameters:

    Reef Aquarium Water Parameters by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    What is Seawater? by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    Whar are Natural Reef Salinities and Temperatures... really... and does it matter by Ron Schimek, Ph.D - Archived Aquarium Frontiers article

    Reef Tank Temperatures, Another View by Richard Harker - Archived Aquarium Frontiers article


    Thoughts on Reef Aquarium Lighting… Keep Your Eye on the Prize! by Anthony Calfo -

    Coral Photoacclimation by Andrew Trevor-Jones -

    Stony Coral Pigments, Algae Pigments and Captive Lighting by Steve Tyree -

    Underwater Lighting Conditions - Reef Keeping Online

    Lighting the Reef Tank: A Primer for Beginners -

    Water movement:

    Water flow calculator *

    An Overview of Powerhead Choices Available to the Reef Hobbyist -

    Pressure vs. Head - Keidel plumbing

    Technical information about pumps and pump theory (only for the very technically inclined...)

    Aquarium Water pumps: Operation, Selection and Installation

    General husbandry and maintenance:

    Water Changes in Reef Aquaria by Randy Holmes-Farley -

    Mything the Point: Part One by Eric Borneman -

    Tank construction:

    Glass thickness calculator *


    The Nutrient Dynamics of Coral Reefs: Part I, Biogeochemical Cycles by Chris Jury -

    The Nutrient Dynamics of Coral Reefs: Part II, The Oceanic System

    The Nutrient Dynamics of Coral Reefs: Part III, Land and Sea

    The Nutrient Dynamics of Coral Reefs: Part IV, The Sky Above

    The Breeder's Net by Frank Marini & Dwayne Sapp (breeding copepods, etc.)

    Tank inhabitants:

    Organism selection for Marine Aquaria (This is a MUST READ!)


    Marine Life Photography (Photos of 100's of species of fish, corals, algae, etc)


    Breeding Clarkii Clownfish


    Aquarium invertebrates

    Unusual Stony Coral Propagation Techniques by Adam Cesnales and Steven Pro -


    Clams Direct :: View topic - Tridacnid clam ID made easy (submitted by Sunburst)

    Other invertebrates:

    Mantis Shrimps:

    Roy's List of Stomatopods for the Aquarium


    Cuttlefish Army -


    Beyond the Refugium: A Macroalgae Primer by Sarah Lardizabal -

    'Bubble' Alage: Selected Descriptions, Controls and Comments by Horge Cortes-Jorge, Jr. -

    ... more to follow :):) :whistling:
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    No, I don't mind at all :)

    Guys, as far as I'm concerned, this forum is for everyone, and I learn as much from it as anyone else - so feel free to post links, articles, etc. directly to this thread. I will look at it when time allows, and then move it up to the correct category if I think it's suitable (else I will delete it...). Alternatively, as Jacquesb suggested, PM me the link, and I will do the dirty work :whistling:

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    Good read

    interesting read
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